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Federal Government moving in right direction on carbon reduction

The Federal Government’s call for submissions on its Draft National Building Energy Standard-Setting, Assessment and Rating Framework, is a welcome step towards the adoption of available, internationally-proven insulation energy efficiency technology which will play a key role in lowering Australia’s carbon emissions by 2020.

The new voice of Australia’s insulation industry– Insulation Australasia (IA) – wants to again see insulation at the forefront of Australia’s energy mitigation strategy and says the Commonwealth Department of Climate Change & Energy Efficiency’s (DCCEE) announcement last week was a welcome start to establishing the necessary base data for the effective, uptake of currently available insulation carbon reduction technology.

Insulation Australasia (IA) is a product agnostic industry association representing Australian and New Zealand insulation manufacturers, wholesalers, importers, fabricators and installers as a single voice to government, the public and the building and construction industry. It represents virtually all insulation product types currently available in the Trans Tasman region.

IA Chairman Scott Gibson said today there is a compelling case for the take-up as soon as possible of proven insulation technologies in residential & commercial buildings & industrial installations, which can deliver up to 20% reduction in greenhouse emissions in a comparatively short time.

“A June 2011 AUSPOLL survey showing that more than 66% of Australian consumers were very concerned with rising energy costs compared to any other cost of living issue, is clear evidence that consumers want energy efficiency gains introduced into their homes as soon as possible.

“Carbon mitigation initiatives in Europe by government are supported by a substantial body of peer reviewed research which confirm that no other product can match insulation technology in the rapid delivery of building energy efficiency.

“Given that existing, leading-edge insulation technologies are capable of reducing Australia’s total carbon emissions by up to 20% in a comparatively short time, adopting these technologies nationwide is an urgent priority for all Australian buildings.

“The Federal Government’s timely call for submissions is a most welcome development”,
Mr Gibson concluded.

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