The Insulation Industry’s Voice

Insulation Australasia (IA) is a product-agnostic trade association and has been structured to enable it to represent all insulation product-types and services groups collectively.

Membership acceptance is conditional on strict inherence on the IA Code of Ethics, demonstration of 3rd party product certification from for manufacturers OR accredited training from a recognised training body for installer organisations.

Insulation Australasia (IA) represents Australian and New Zealand insulation manufacturers, fabricators and installers, large and small as a single voice to government, the public and the building and construction industry.

The Board is by design made up of a representation of insulation manufacturers, insulation suppliers and installer organisations that are committed to the Vision and Mission of the organization..

Our Vision:

To promote the cost effectiveness of thermal insulation in increasing energy efficiency in Australian and New Zealand buildings, so as to reduce carbon emissions, reduce consumer power costs while enhancing their comfort, and to generate sustainable employment.


By participating in IA’s affairs, its members commit to operate in accordance with the following key objectives:

  • Operate in a product agnostic manner in presenting a single insulation industry voice to government, industry & consumers.
  • Develop & promote public policy in support of the industry’s growth.
  • Promote best practice in product & installation standards supported by independent third party accreditation.
  • Promote insulation as the most cost effective means of delivering greater energy efficiency and a reduction of the building CO2 emission footprint in new and existing residential, commercial & industrial buildings.

Industry Conduct:

As a member of Insulation Australasia we have a professional and moral obligation to conduct our business and the business of the association honestly, ethically and lawfully.  Under the Consumer and Competition Act we are obliged not to interact with one another in a way that may restrain trade or reduce competition in the marketplace. Click here to view the Insulation Australasia Code of Ethics.

Membership acceptance is conditional on demonstrating 3rd party product certification from an IA recognised accredited certification body for manufacturers OR accredited training from an IA recognised training body for installer organisations.

A Membership Expression-of-Interest form is available on our Members page. Please note that a non-refundable application assessment fee is payable on submission of this form to cover administrative costs. See the Membership Tab on this website for details in respect to membership fees and entitlements. Or Contact Insulation Australasia direct on info@insulationaustralasia.org

The Board of Insulation Australasia invites all insulation manufacturers, wholesalers, importers, fabricators and installers Active in the Australian and New Zealand markets to apply to join the Insulation Australasia and with it enjoy the benefits of industry representation and association.