Media releases

Media Release 18 November 2020 – States recognise power of energy efficiency and social housing investment to drive economic recovery

A note from the Chair of Insulation Australasia

Industry Alert 1 May 2020 – On the “Cover of Covid” in WA and the choice of legacy for our PM in Canberra

Media Release 23 April 2020 – WA government must not delay on home energy improvements

Media Release 23 April 2020 – Better building performance critical to productivity and jobs

Media Release 23 April 2020 – WA push to delay national building standards threatens safety and energy efficiency

Industry Alert 23 April 2020 – NCC Introduction of Revised Insulation Standard 

Industry Alert 21 February 2020 – Change is Upon the Insulation Industry

Media Release 17 December 2019 – IA president attends ASBEC Annual general Meeting 

Media Release 23 September 2019 – Building and Construction Industry Warned: Beware of Non-Conforming Soffit Insulation

Media Release 24 July 2019 – Non-compliant Building Materials are a Risky Business

Media Release 18 July 2019 – Energy Efficiency hits home for building ministers – ASBEC

Media Release 15 July 2019 – Industry Groups call for urgent Australia-wide action on building regulation 

Media Release 22 June 2016 – Australia’s insulators call for cut in building sector emissions

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