Media releases

A note from the Chair of Insulation Australasia

Industry Alert 1 May 2020 – On the “Cover of Covid” in WA and the choice of legacy for our PM in Canberra

Media Release 23 April 2020-WA government must not delay on home energy improvements

Media Release 23 April 2020-Better building performance critical to productivity and jobs

Media Release 23 April 2020– WA push to delay national building standards threatens safety and energy efficiency

Industry Alert 23 April 2020– NCC Introduction of Revised Insulation Standard 

Industry Alert 21 February 2020 – Change is Upon the Insulation Industry

Media Release 17 December 2019 – IA president attends ASBEC Annual general Meeting 

Media Release 23 September 2019 – Building and Construction Industry Warned: Beware of Non-Conforming Soffit Insulation

Media Release 24 July 2019 – Non-compliant Building Materials are a Risky Business

Media Release 18 July 2019 – Energy Efficiency hits home for building ministers – ASBEC

Media Release 15 July 2019 – Industry Groups call for urgent Australia-wide action on building regulation 

Media Release 22 June 2016 – Australia’s insulators call for cut in building sector emissions

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