Introducing Insulation Australasia

Insulation Australasia (IA) is a product-agnostic trade association that serves to represent all insulation product-types and installation services groups collectively.

Membership acceptance is conditional on strict inherence on the IA Code of Ethics, demonstration of 3rd party product certification from for manufacturers OR accredited training from a recognised training body for installer organisations.

Insulation Australasia (IA) represents Australian and New Zealand insulation manufacturers, fabricators and installers, large and small as a single voice to government, the public and the building and construction industry.

Formed in September 2011, IA’s primary objectives are to:

  1. Promote the cost effectiveness of insulation-based energy efficiency in Australian and New Zealand buildings in reducing carbon emissions.
  2. Create a sustainable industry platform to support increased employment opportunities and a profitable environment for investment.
  3. Promote increased standards through 3rd party insulation product certification & installation services accreditation.

The Board of Insulation Australasia invites all insulation manufacturers, wholesalers, importers, fabricators and installers active in the Australian and New Zealand markets to apply to join Insulation Australasia.  As a member, you will enjoy the benefits of industry representation and association.